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Marie Weller Primary School

About Us

The Hawksmoor Learning Trust is delighted to present Marie Weller Primary School. It is a new primary academy set in the new housing development in Towcester and which will eventually accommodate children aged 4-11, Reception to Year 6. The school is growing one year group at a time. We aim to create a happy and vibrant school with an outstanding curriculum in this exciting new setting, where children in our care are at the heart of everything we do. We are an inclusive school and welcome all applications.

Marie Weller Primary School is a uniquely attractive new primary school, combining both the traditional and the modern to provide state of the art facilities. It has generous grounds, including two football pitches and a Multi-Use Games Area. We plan to make full use of this incredible resource to provide an outstanding curriculum in an exciting and stimulating setting. We will be ‘Building Excellence’ in all aspects of our provision, delivering through the highest expectations, a talented staff team and a strong partnership with our community.

We currently have places available in our Reception 2021/22 class.





Admission to our school is not dependent on any ability test or voluntary financial contribution.

Parents/carers wishing to apply for a Reception place at this school for September 2022 will need to apply via their local authority by completing the Local Authority’s Common Applications Form to apply for places at up to 2 other primary/infant schools.

More information about the Marie Weller Primary School, and details of how to apply for places at the school, can be obtained by contacting Marie Weller Primary School.



Marie Weller Primary School, Redcar Road, Towcester, NN12 6LZ

Telephone: 01327 552400


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